Lightroom Keywords

Fast, easy and accurate keywords for your photos.

Hate keywording?

You're not alone. Choosing and adding keywords for your photos is a drag. Now there's a way of getting keywords for your photos that's affordable, fast and above all accurate.

Don't make your photos your best-kept secret.

If your photos can't be found then they won't be seen, whether that's by buyers, friends or even yourself in a few years time. Adding good, accurate keywords will help your photos to found and seen.
Get at least 5 credits FREE just for signing up, and even more if you're a Lightroom Plugins customer!

Made for Adobe Lightroom.

No struggling with file formats, CSV conversion or long editing sessions in a spreadsheet. Use Adobe Lightroom to get keywords for your photos, review and apply them, all without leaving the tool you're already familiar with. Our plugin integrates seamlessly with Lightroom 5 or above (including CC versions) to fit into your existing workflow.
"I go to the ends of the Earth for my photography. I want to share what I see and keywording is essential."
– Anonymous

Custom AI, Relevant Keywords.

We don't just have one AI look at your photos. We use lots. Each one will have different training and different skills. Each one is faster and has infinitely more patience than any human doing the same job, faced with an endless supply of photos, hour after hour, day after day.
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Have a look at some sample photos that were keyworded using this service.

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