Use the power of AI

Harness the latest Artificial Intelligence to automatically choose keywords for your photos.
Why Add Keywords?
Getting the shot is only half the story. Unless customers can find your photo, it will struggle to sell. Even if you don't intend to sell your photos, adding keywords can help you find photos that you might otherwise never look at again.
Why do I need a keywording service?
Finding good keywords for a photo is a skill that takes time to learn and needs patience and imagination to apply. Above all, it takes time to do and for any human, fatigue and boredom are real issues.
Why use Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial Intelligence - AI - has no problem with boredom or fatigue. It's faster and, in most cases, more accurate than an untrained human - or a human with no real aptitude or imagination, working in battery-farm conditions.

How do I start?

Select your photos
After you select some photos to work with, your photos will be exported from Lightroom at a reduced size and sent securely to our servers. From there they are sent to a number of AI image recognition services. The results from each service are combined using special rules to help automatically find the most appropriate keywords to use. As long as there's a usable number of keywords at this point, we then find more associated words and add those into the mix. These are then all sent back to Lightroom for you to review before anything is changed. Pricing in simple - one photo uses one credit.
Check the keywords
You can start working on your photos as soon as the first one has been analysed, the others will be sent back behind the scenes. Inside Lightroom, you can review the new keywords for each photo, either accepting them straight away or removing words that you don't like. For many words, you will also have a selection of synonyms available that you can choose to add - just select the right synonym if the word has more than one, and select and add the extra words.
Make the most of Lightroom
The plugin works alongside Lightroom's excellent hierarchical keywording system, instead of just applying simple lists of single words. If you already have a good set of keywords, the plugin will use your existing hierarchies and synonyms if they fit the words you choose. You can even add synonyms suggested by the plugin as Lightroom keyword synonyms, so they appear on all photos with that keyword attached!
Make the most of your existing data
Any keywords you already applied will be taken into account, and will help our service decide which other words are the most relevant. Location data can also be applied as keywords, as can the most important words from any caption you might have set. Integration with the Lightroom Plugins Alamy-Lightroom Bridge plugin will also add extra keywords, if you use that.
Take your time and relax!
The analysis results for each photo are stored online for at least a month after they have been generated, in case you want to stop your keywording session and come back another day. This means you're not charged twice for analysing the same photo in this period. You can take a break when you've had enough, or even come back another day, without losing anything.